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常務理事會 2010-2012 (英文版)

The Council, just like a Board of Directors, is the supreme decision making body of the Association. It represents the membership in establishing objectives, setting policy, planning and allocating resources of the Association. Council members meet regularly (about once every 3 months presently) to ensure that the Association is being run properly and that guidelines and policies are being adhered to. 


iProA Council - 2010~2012  


Dr. Lam G. Lee
Chairman of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong
Mr. Benjamin Fok
Chairman & CEO of New ePOCH Information Co., Ltd.
Mr. William Tang
Director of BA Information System Tech Ltd.
Mr. S W Cheung
Chairman of VScoop Hong Kong Ltd.


Dr. Winnie Tang, JP
CEO of ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited

PRESIDENT (elected on 7 May 2012)
Dr. Witman Hung
Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Next Horizon Company Ltd.

Mr. Stanley Cheung
Director of Gally Investment Ltd.
Professor Simpson Poon
Assistant Executive Director, Vocational Training Council 
Dr. Eric K.C. Cheng, M.H., OStJ, JP
Chairman of Glory Honest Investment Ltd.
Mr. Alex Hung
Managing Director of Crossover International Co., Ltd.

Mr. Duncan Chiu
Managing Director of Far East Technology International Ltd.
Mr. Gabriel Leung
General Manager of HK of EMC Computer Systems (FE) Ltd.

Mr. Rocky Cheng

Deputy General Manager, Information Technology Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Dr. Elizabeth Quat
Founder and CEO of CB Strategic Investment Ltd. 
Director of SC Fulfil Limited 


Mr. Ringo Lam
CEO of Orbit Networks Limited   


Mr. Kasper Chan
Director of Grant Faith Consultants Ltd.


Mr. Leo Kan
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Champion Technology Holdings Ltd.


Mr. Gary Yeung
Chief Executive Officer of LetLink Technology Holdings Ltd.


Ms. Yvonne Wong


Dr. Keith Chan – Professor of Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Mr. Ray Cheung - General Manager of Business Solutions & Services of NEC Hong Kong Ltd.
Mr. Terence Chiu - Partner of Li & Partners
Mr. Anthony Fan - Chairman & Managing Director of AsiaLink Capital Ltd.
Mr. George Fok - Managing Director of PCCW Solutions Ltd.
Dr. Wilton W T Fok - Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong
Mr. Angus Forsyth - Senior Partner & Head of the IT Practice Group of Stevenson, Wong & Co.
Ms. Shirley Ha - Director of DIGITALHONGKONG.COM
Dr. Chih Lin I - Vice President & Group Director of Communications Technologies Group of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Ltd.
Dr. Heston Kwong - Assistant Director (Special Health Service) of Department of Health, HKSARG
Mr. Herman Lam - Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd.
Mr. Tang Lei – Director of Corporate Affairs of eBay Greater China
Mr. Joe Lok - Principal Consultant of Tech-Trans Systems Ltd.
Mr. Arics Poon - General Manager of EPG GCR, Microsoft
Mr. Charleston Sin - Head of Architecture Sales, Borderless Networks & Data Center Virtualization, Greater China
Dr. Samson Tam, JP - Chairman of Group Sense (International) Ltd.
Mr. Peter Wong - Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Telecom (HK) Ltd.
Mr. Ricky Wong - Co-founder & Chairman of City Telecom (HK) Ltd.
Dr. Benjamin Yen - Associate Professor of Information Systems, School of Business, The University of Hong Kong
Ms. Mei Mei Ng - Executive Director of Hong Kong Education City Ltd.


Ms. Cally Chan
Mr. Emil Chan
Mr. Eric Yeung
Mr. Gary Cheng
Mr. Joe Lam
Mr. Joseph Law
Mr. Kenny Chien
Mr. Raymond Wong
Ms. Reggie Wong
Mr. Johnny Ng
Mr. Raymond Ng
Mr. Aldous Ng

Mr. Kenneth Chan (appointed on 23 Mar 2012) 

Dr. Karl Leung (appointed on 23 Mar 2012)