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Press Release of Official Launch of “Net-Com rock n' roll”

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“Net-Com rock n' roll” helps underprivileged children to access online learning

 Full support service with monthly fee as low as $10.7 for broadband access and computer


(Hong Kong – 14 July 2011) eInclusion Foundation (“Foundation”) today officially launches the “Net-Com rock n' roll”, an online learning support programme, which serves children from low-income families.  The scheme offers good selection for online learning at home from 4 broadband service providers and 6 computer models at affordable prices. The “super-value” package, for example, only costs customers $1,428 per year with a three year contract, comprising 6Mbps broadband service, branded Netbook together with full spectrum of support services.  Qualified families can also opt for monthly installment which only costs them $119 a month.  With the government’s annual Internet subsidy of $1,300 per family, the actual pay out by the family is only $10.7 per month.


In addition, the Foundation provides comprehensive support services for parents and students alike to fully enjoy the online learning.


The Foundation is a non-profit making organization with core partners of The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (“BGCA”) and the Internet Professional Association (“iProA”). The mission of the Foundation is to narrow the digital divide so that all people, including the less privileged in particular, can benefit from the development of the information technology.


Dr Winnie Tang, Chairman of the Foundation and President of iProA, said, “We are pleased with what ‘Net-Com rock n' roll’ can offer as a result of the concerted effort of our volunteers.  We have just one goal: to provide an affordable hardware and software package and full support service so that children from low-income families can fully benefit from online learning.  It is our wish that all children can have an equal footing when it comes to learning and be able to develop their potential to the fullest.”


The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation Gary Cheng stressed that the Foundation would base on the family needs to suggest not only a suitable offer but also a full spectrum of support service.  It includes:

  • Monthly installment: super value monthly installment from $119 to $238 for broadband access and purchase of computer
  • Flexible mix and match: 6 models of computer and 4 broadband service providers for one to choose
  • Technical support: trained online support service and customized training for parents and students
  • Maintenance service: skilled hardware repair service
  • Counseling service: professional social workers to ensure harmonious and healthy family relations


BGCA is responsible for training, parent-children counseling and comprehensive support service.  Mr Thomas Leung, Head of Internet Learning Support Programme of BGCA, said, “Many underprivileged families are looking forward to the online learning support programme.  We are all set for it and conscious to the fact that Internet is a two-blade slasher.  Cyber addiction, Internet fraud and bully are not uncommon these days as reported.  We’ve therefore set up 8 local iLearning Stations to provide not only comprehensive support services but also counseling and training for parents and students. As such, we hope that they can enjoy harmonious, positive and healthy online learning.”


“Net-Com rock n' roll” is funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. It is a five-year programme and is being assigned to serve the 8 districts on the East side of Hong Kong – in which lives 150,000 students from low-income families to purchase computers and pay for broadband service so that they can learn through the Internet at home. Area the programme serves includes Northern District, Tai Po, Sha Tin, Sai Kung, Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon City and Island East.




Supplementary information


Core partners of eInclusion Foundation –

  • The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA):

It has been serving the Hong Kong community for 75 years for the betterment of children and youths.  Its great contribution to the society, especially those underprivileged, is well recognized.


  • Internet Professional Association (iProA):

It is a non-profit making professional organization without any political affinity.  It has over 2,600 members and is a representative information technology organization.  One of its missions is to bridge the digital divide in society. The association has served Hong Kong community for 12 years.