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执行委员会 2009-2010 (英文版)

The Executive Committee is the executive arm of the Council whose main function is to execute the policies set by the Council and co-ordinate the efforts of all working committees. Comprising of all Council members and heads and deputy heads of all committees, the ExCo serves as a meeting point for the Council and various committees.


Supervisory Committee 2009-2010
MEMBERS (5)          
Dr. Lee G. Lam          
Chairman of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong
Prof. Joseph Lee          
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, The University of Hong Kong
Mr. Benjamin Fok          
Chairman & CEO of New ePOCH Information Co., Ltd.    
Mr. William Tang          
Director of BA Information System Tech Ltd.    
Mr. S W Cheung          
Chairman of VScoop Hong Kong Limited  

Internet Professional Association

(“Association” or “iProA”)








Executive Committee 2009-2010

Internal Affairs          
Finance & Governance Committee      
Advisors          Dr. Winnie Tang, JP
          Dr. Elizabeth Quat
Chairman          Mr. Kasper Chan
Members          Mr. Anthony Fan
          Mr. William Tang
          Mr. Angus Forsyth
Independent Members      Mr. Gerry Li
          Mr. Nelson Cheung 
Member Affairs Committee        
Advisor          Dr. Elizabeth Quat
Chairman          Mr. Felix See
Vice-Chairmen       Mr. Stanley Cheung
          Mr. King Wong
          Mr. Dick Lai
          Ms. Cally Chan
          Mr. Roger Hung
          Ms. Shirley Ha
          Mr. Lawrence Tse
          Mr. Emil Chan
Membership Vetting Committee      
Advisors          Dr. Elizabeth Quat
          Prof. Joseph Lee
          Mr. Angus Forsyth
Chairman          Dr. Winnie Tang, JP
Members          Mr. Kasper Chan
          Mr. Alex Hung
          Mr. Duncan Chiu
PR & Communications        
Co-Chairmen        Ms. Grace Au
          Dr. Samson Tam
Secretary        Ms. Virginia Wan
Members         Ms. Josephine Wong
          Mr. Kasper Chan
          Ms. Lillian Lai
          Ms Belle Liu
External Affairs          
China Committee          
Advisors          Mr. Arics Poon
          Mr. Felix See
Chairman          Dr. Lam Kin Chung
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Witman Hung
          Mr. Gilbert Chan
          Mr. Dominie Liang
          Mr. Ping Wong
          Mr. Al Kwok
          Mr. Geng Chun Ya
Vice-Chairman & Secretary     Mr. Kenny Chien
Education Committee        
Advisors          Ms. Mei Mei Ng
          Mr. Ma Siu Leung
Co-Chairmen       Mr. Witman Hung
          Ms. Shirley Ma
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Joshua Chan
          Mr. Sean Lin
e-Inclusion Committee        
Advisor          Dr. Elizabeth Quat
Chairman          Mr. Witman Hung
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Peter Chu
          Dr. Raymond Szeto
          Dr. Samson Tam
          Mr. Emil Chan
          Ms. Yvonne Wong
School Web Care Chairman      Ms. Shirley Ma
Web Care Chairman        Ms. Yvonne Wong
Community Cyber Centre Chairman    Mr. Witman Hung
Community Cyber Centre Vice-Chairmen    Ms. Yvonne Wong
          Mr. Alfred Yuen
          Mr. Joseph Law
Secretary        Mr. Gilbert Lo
Members          Ms. Grace Au
          Mr. Lawrence Tam
          Mr. Roger So
International Committee        
Advisors          Dr. Lee G. Lam
          Dr. Elizabeth Quat
Co-Chairmen        Ms. Melanie J. McFarland
          Mr. Thomas Parenty
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Gary Sum
          Mr. Wilfred Tan
          Mr. Jason Fedder
Survey & Policy Committee        
Co-Chairmen       Mr. Ringo Lam
          Mr. Matthew Lui
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Robert Fong
          Mr. Paul Fung
          Dr. T. N. So
          Mr. Anthony Chow
          Mr. Kenny Chien
          Dr. Wilton Fok
          Prof. Simpson Poon
Youth Development Committee      
Advisors          Ms. Barbara Chiu
          Mr. Anthony Fan
          Mr. Alex Hung
          Mr. Gabriel Leung
          Mr. Gary Yeung
          Ms. Rose Chu
          Mr. Raymond Fung
          Mr. Clement Woo
          Mr. Bernard Leung
Chairman          Mr. David Yip
Vice-Chairmen       Ms. Stephanie Hui
          Ms. Rainbow Leung
Special Interest Group        
Bloggers’ Community        
Advisors         Mr. Ringo Lam
          Mr. Kenny Chien
Members         Mr. Raman Ng (Tin Yau)
          Mr. Jonathan Lee
          Ms. Daisy Fung
Digital Content & New Media        
Chairman          Mr. Cheung Wai Lun
Vice-Chairman        Mr. Rickie Wong
          Mr. Patrick Ko
Members         Mr. Ray Chung
          Mr. Roger Yu
          Mr. Joseph Lam
Advisor         Dr. Elizabeth Quat
          Prof. Simpson Poon
Chairman         Mr. Gary Yeung
Member         Mr. Joshua Chan
          Mr. John Lee
          Dr. Dominic Chan
Advisor          Dr. Heston Kwong
Chairmen          Mr. Ray Cheung
Vice-Chairmen        Mr. Charleston Sin
          Dr. Alexandra Luo
          Ir. LC So  
          Ms. Ingrid Au
          Mr. Jonathan Lee
          Mr. Andrew Truscott
          Mr. Kenny Chien
Green ICT          
Advisor         Dr. Elizabeth Quat
          Prof. Wong Kam Fai
Co-Chairmen       Mr. Gabriel Leung
          Mr. Happy Lee
Vice-Chairman       Mr. Billy Leung
Members         Ms. Liza Allen
Offline Club          
Co-Chairmen        Ms. Shirley Ha
          Mr. Emil Chan
Vice-Chairman        Mr. Lawrence Tse
Venture Capital and New Business Development    
Co-Chairmen        Mr. Leo Kan
          Ms. Shirley Ha
SIG – West Kowloon Cultural District      
Co-Chairmen       Mr. Eric Yeung
          Ms Grace Au
Other Executive Committee Members      
Ms. Maria Lam          
Mr. Sam Lam          
Ms. Anna Wong          
Mr. John Mok           
Mr. Peter Yen          
Mr. Raymond Ng          
Mr. Wilson Ho           
Ms. Wendy Lee          
Mr. Andy Lam          
Mr. Gary Cheng          
Mr. Eddy Chen          
Mr. Bill So          
Mr. Peter Koo           
Prof. F T Chan          
Mr. Frankie Tam          
Mr. Dennis Tsang          
Ms. Rene Chu          
Mr. Jason Wong          
Mr. Mike Fung          

Mr. Francis Kwok 
Mr. Argon Ho
Mr. Edmund Lee
Ms.Connie Tse
Mr. Mountain Hsu
Mr. Kenneth Chan
Mr. Ken Wong