Web Care Charter & Web Care Award 2011- 2012 - Call for Entry


“Web Care Charter & Web Care Award 2011- 2012”

Thanks the support of 50 organizations, Web Care Charter Opening Ceremony was successfully held in October 2011. To sustain the iProA's momentum in digital inclusion, you are cordially invited to encourage to join the Web Care Charter as well as the Web Care Award 2011-2012 and produce no barrier websites for the people with disabilities. Kindly also refer your friends and clients to sign our meaningful Charter and participate in the Award. Please find the details as below:


Web Care Charter

Web Care Charter Program is a new flagship project of iProA sustaining the mission from Web Care Campaign. The objective of the Web Care Charter is to promote organizations to produce no barrier websites and e-applications through the collaborative efforts of NGOs, government, industry associations and business enterprises.
To join the Web Care Charter, an organization needs to commit at least of 2 of the following areas:


Produce No Barrier Website (i.e. at least get Jade Award in Web Care Award)


Develop software product / services specially for the Persons with Disabilities


Incorporate web accessibility principles when selecting vendors


Prefer IT professionals with web accessibility knowledge during recruitment


Supporting Web Care Charter through promotion, sponsorship or volunteering


Apply for the Web Care Award 2011 – 2012


Charter should be renewed annually


Application fee for Web Care Charter is free of charge but commercial organization needs to pay HK$500 if they wish to apply for Web Care Award

Enrolment Date for the Charter will be lasted to 31 March 2012. You can refer the Web Care Charter Application Form 2011 for details.


Web Care Award

Initiated by iProA in 2001, the Web Care Award has a mission to encourage both public service organizations and private business corporations to build no-barrier web sites. It is iProA’s belief that everyone in the community, including the physically impaired, should be given equal opportunities to learn and to make use of information and knowledge available on the Internet.

Each year, we have more than 200 websites participated in the Web Care Award. Based on different accessibility level, we will award websites in of Diamond Award, Ruby Award, Jade Award and Certificate of Merit. Developer Award will be granted to those web development companies who refer their clients or friends joining the Web Care Award. For details of each award, you may refer the Easy Guide to No Barrier Website as attached. The enrolment deadline for the Web Care Award 2011-2012 is 15 February 2012. You may refer our website ( for further details.


Grateful if your organization can recommend your members, and friends to join this meaningful program & award so that we can solicit the digital corporate responsibility work together. The application fee for Web Care Award is HK$500 and free of charge for non-commercial organization.


Let’s join Web Care Charter & Web Care Award 2011-2012!

Attached please find the application form for your perusal. Should you request more information about Web Care Charter & Web Care Award 2011-2012, please feel free to contact Ms. Keiy Ho or Mr. Justin Yip at 27780040 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are looking forward to having your continuous support in our collaborative endeavors.


Yours sincerely,



Witman Hung
Web Care Charter


Yvonne Wong
Deputy Convener,
Web Care Charter


Emil Chan
Deputy Convener,
Web Care Charter

1. Web Care Charter poster and application form
2. Web Care Award 2011-2012 poster
3. Easy Guide to No Barrier Website


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